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How to become a franchisee?
A spicy trip like this is not something you do alone and The Lingerie Restaurant has grown up by choosing partners who reflect our core values.
Obviously, we also choose partners who have access to financial resources and who are prepared to devote themselves to the demands that the Restoration sector demands.
We are looking for individuals who understand this market and who surround themselves with a network of beautiful, passionate and hardworking people.
Most importantly, any potential franchisee must love the concept of The Lingerie Restaurant.

Application Process
Few candidates are able to go through the registration process and prove themselves deserving of becoming franchisees. We believe that franchisees are unique people. As a franchisee you will be running your own business, respecting brand parameters and business format.

Apart from financial resources and you will have to possess the attributes of an entrepreneur to successfully perform your franchisee role.

Franchisee Responsibilities

    Provide a service of excellence

    Creating a friendly, fun and friendly environment

    Restaurant and brand marketing

    Manage the business / purchases / stocks

    Customer services

    Human resource Management

    Have bank credit, own resources and be financially sound.

    Professional experience is not mandatory, however it is an asset.

    Already having worked for yourself is an advantage.

    The franchisee must have computer skills

Personal Attributes

The franchisee needs to have strong, self-reliant and energetic personality with a downfall to business.
The franchisee must know how to deal with people, retain customers, be friendly, patient tolerant, but always firm.
He must be able to manage the human resources in order to keep them motivated, always creating a friendly, fun but always professional environment.
The franchisee needs to share an alignment with the values ​​of The Lingerie Restaurant. He should be able to model the features of a true The Lingerie Restaurant.
The franchisee must be respectable in appearance and in good physical health.
The franchisee must demonstrate entrepreneurial skills and show ability to work as a team.
The franchisee must be enthusiastic, dynamic and self-motivated. He / she must be willing to reach the top with a strong will to succeed.
Franchisees should consider their business as a long-term investment. He / She should show commitment and have a loyal and consistent character.

Location and configuration of the restaurant
The location of the restaurant is important and every effort will be made to ensure that the location is ideal for business success.
You can choose to retrofit an existing restaurant or open a root restaurant.

We will give support:

    Evaluation and / or Selection of Locations
    Assistance with Lease Negotiations Drawings
    Interior design
    Project management
    Other important issues involving
    Applicants are requested not to enter into any lease agreement without prior approval.
    All contracts require prior approval. Under no circumstances may a potential franchisee present himself to a landlord as a representative of The Lingerie Restaurant, unless such representation has been formally authorized.

We offer intensive practical and theoretical training to our franchisees. This training is accompanied by the Operations Manual which lists the day-to-day operations.

Franchisees must prepare for an uncompromising 3-month training and make adequate provision, both social and financial, for this period.

It is important to note that the franchisee's 3-month training is not negotiable and it is imperative that all candidates remain vigilant so that they are prepared to perform the duties without difficulty.


Entrance fees: € 25,000
Exploration share: 5% gross billing
Advertising Royalty: 2% Billing
Duration of Contract: 5 years

Establishment Requirements

Dimension: 100 seats
Location: Large cities with more than 150,000 inhabitants
Nearby Points of Interest
Portugal - Coimbra; Algarve (Faro / Albufeira)
Europe - Any European capital


If you meet the conditions above and feel that you have the profile indicated to embrace this project fill out the following form:

Experience in restaurant Area
Experience in Night Clubs / Bars
How many years of management experience do you have?
Never 1-3 Years 3-5 Years 5-10 Years + de 10 Years
Why do you think you have the right profile to embrace this project?
Check all that apply:
I have experience in restaurant
I am currently (or have been) an entrepreneur
I have a current credit line or access to capital
I am currently a franchisee of several units
I'm looking for an opportunity in various sectors of activity
In which city would you like to implement The Lingerie Restaurant?